Working Title


I _______________________________  Hereby agree and acknowledge that the copyright

of the above production and the right to reproduce copies thereof, either wholly or in part,
shall belong to Australian Portraits and/or Hypervision absolutely and they shall have the right to
the unrestricted use thereof as itemised below, in any part of the world.

I agree that they may use colour grading, retouching, special effects or alterations as found necessary.


I AGREE that Australian Portraits and/or Hypervision are at liberty to use the said photographic material
either wholly or in part, in any manner or form whatsoever and in any  medium, and either separately
or in conjunction with other material.

Likely use: (But not limited to)

Photographic Portraiture (Gallery Display)
Australian Portrait Greeting Cards Range

Portraiture / Landscape Screen Savers
Australian Portraits portfolio & advertising Use
Internet display Gallery (


The said photographic materials or digital recordings and all reproductions thereof shall be
deemed to represent an imaginary person or myself, and I hereby authorise Australian Portraits
and/or Hypervision or any person authorized by them, including their principals, to use the materials,
either wholly or in part, and any reproductions thereof, for any purpose whatsoever or for the purposes
of illustrating any statements and/or wording which Hypervision or their Principals, may desire
or think fit to the extent that may be permitted by law and I agree that no implications shall be
deemed to be made with regard to myself.


I FURTHER UNDERTAKE AND AGREE for the consideration aforesaid not to

commence any civil actions or proceedings nor to make any claims or demands of a
civil nature against Australian Portraits and/or Hypervision or their Principals,
in respect of any use by them or their Principals of the material and I agree that this

acknowledgement is to be in addition to and not in substitution for any rights which

Australian Portraits and/or Hypervision or their Principals,
may have under the Copyright Act 1912 - 1935.


Pre - Photographic Agreement

DATED this _____ day of _____ 2007.  
I am over 18 years of age and have read and understand all of the above information, furthermore
I also agree that the attached sheet was filled out by me by my own free will, without any intervention
by any third parties.
Name_______________________________________ (Please Print)
Name_______________________________________ (Witness)  




Post Photographic session


The photo session is now completed and I am completely satisfied that the photo session
was handled in a manner that meets completely with my approval.
DATED this _____ day of _____ 2007  
Name_______________________________________ (Please Print)  

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